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Turning problems into opportunities

By Sonia Salfity , Family Flavours - Sep 24,2023 - Last updated at Sep 25,2023

I highly recommend you give it a try no matter what age you are, especially on the days when bad weather forces you to stay indoors. 

You may wonder how good a workout can be if it only lasts 23-25 minutes. Do the workouts and you’ll see what I mean! Pahla also incorporates cardio, strength and balance training. 

The older I get, the more I appreciate the importance of working on balance. It will help you manoeuver safely without injuring yourself while doing daily functions. The strength you will gain in your core and in your balance will be the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. 

Pahla also has a positive way of motivating you during the workouts and who doesn’t need that encouragement! It’s like having your own private fitness coach meet you right at your home but without getting their bills!

Her words of wisdom still buzz in my ears: It’s almost impossible to solve a problem if you’re viewing it as a problem. Your odds of solving any difficult issue goes up when you can mentally refocus and view it as an opportunity instead of a problem. It will automatically make you more curious to look at the different aspects of your challenges. This helps you learn to enjoy the journey and the growth you’ll experience as you try to solve things in a creative and positive way.

 With that in mind, let’s challenge ourselves as desperate dieters to view our food and exercise challenges as opportunities. Opportunities to learn more about our specific situations that are constantly evolving. 

As a simple example, losing weight in our 20’s 30’s and 40’s looks very different from losing it in our 50’s and older. Hence, we must turn into curious detectives to maximise our successes and minimise our failures. 

Let’s subtract negative thinking from that equation and learn to thrive in an absolutely healthy and positive environment that we can create for ourselves.

 Friends, it all starts one step at a time with one positive and helpful thought at a time.

 Reprinted with permission from Family Flavours magazine


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