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Advocating peace

Mar 21,2013 - Last updated at Mar 21,2013

On the occasion of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Jordan, I would like to express my deep appreciation for his efforts towards a two-state solution.

Being born in Jerusalem before 1948, I have been a champion of peace despite the fact that my father, a high official during the British Mandate over Palestine, was killed at the King David Explosion in 1946 at the hands of the Zionist Irgun group and that together with my three younger brothers, we were evicted from the house in which we were born and which is not part of a two-state solution, being situated in West Jerusalem.

Is there any hope that justice would be done to the tens of thousands of Palestinians who suffered and shared a similar fate, having lost family members and all their properties before 1948?

We are all looking for a just peace in the Middle East.



Lina Gress,


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