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‘Bad experience’

Jun 29,2017 - Last updated at Jun 29,2017

June 21 marked the international day of yoga, which was celebrated all over the world.

The Indian embassy in Amman did a beautiful celebration at the Amman Citadel, and many people who practise yoga came.

Everything was perfectly arranged in every respect.

The Citadel is a beautiful tourist attraction, and as I read in the paper the other day, the number of tourists coming to the country increased, which is very good for us.

But every human being has to use the toilet sometimes, which I did.

It was a shock. Of the five toilets, 2 were locked. The other 3 were dirty and the floor was wet.

There was no toilet paper, no water, no soap and no paper towels.

A young woman was sitting beside the entrance to the toilet when I went in.

Coming out of the toilet I told her what I saw. The only thing she said was: What can we do?

It is a bad experience for all, tourists included.

Samira Dajani,

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