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Disagreeing majority

Dec 14,2014 - Last updated at Dec 14,2014

It is merely the opinion of the person interviewed in the article “Doing businesss in Jordan is a treat, relatively speaking — investor” (The Jordan Times, December 11, 2014), his own story, however motivated he was, but it is an ungrounded floater.

For, 99.999 per cent of the international business world, and even Jordanians, would be justified to object and disagree, due to horrid experiences and sordid evidence at both personal and corporate levels. These people would just swear otherwise.

I am from Singapore and, sadly, I belong to this group.

A simple Jordan Times Twitter/FB poll, far reaching and inviting all disgruntled and disenchanted foreign investors to post their testimonies would no doubt draw very many who suffered injustices from their failed investments, resulting from long-unaddressed flaws, faults and fallacies within the Jordanian civil service, like unconstitutional procedural excesses, management’s or staff’s non-compliance, gross integrity failure, etc., which still choke and cut off entrepreneurial endeavours at grass roots, operating conspicuously within many ministries’ agencies/departments against all His Majesty the King envisaged and announced towards establishing for Jordan a vibrant SME through foreign investments.

There is need for government intervention for swift correction of the prevailing gross injustices and most unnecessary losses suffered by foreign investors in Jordan.

I lodged many official complaints about my experience after having exhausted all possible obligatory due-diligence processes over 23 months, after losing all my personal resources, trusting justice in Jordan within my righteousness, but all in vain.

Every bottleneck, stoppers and culprits need to be identified and removed, mercilessly, Singapore style.

S Bhasy,

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