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An eyesore

Aug 23,2014 - Last updated at Aug 23,2014

Amman is a modern capital in which we take pride.

Or so should be the case.

Unfortunately, things often happen that slowly erode such feeling.

Whimsically blocking portions of major arteries to motorists is one such thing. It is one frustrating, time-consuming act that has no justification whatsoever.

Why clog one street only to ease traffic on another?

The decision to pave busy roads in peak season when hundreds of thousands of cars cruise day and night is yet another such thing.

Couldn’t that be done at a time expatriates had left and schools have a few days off, like the spring holiday?

As is, traffic is atrocious. Why add to the agony?

A most annoying sight, unbecoming a civilised city and totally inappropriate is seeing fellow citizens picnicking on streets with high traffic.

Driving around the Shab Circle, at the end of Mecca Street, in the evening hours offers the most unsightly scene, one that has no place anywhere, let along a mighty capital.

The sidewalks, the slender saplings and the dry soil aspiring to become a park some day are used by droves of people to park cars, barbecue and smoke hubble bubble.

What image is this projecting?

If citizens are not aware of the danger they are exposed to, of the fact that they act with total lack of privacy, that they spoil nature and that they make for an eyesore, shouldn’t officials step in and put an end to it?

There are public spaces specially made for entertainment. Thoroughfares and city circles should not be used as one’s backyard.

Vicky Pop,

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