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Nov 07,2012 - Last updated at Nov 07,2012

In one instance during my constant travel through Germany, I came upon an exemplary attitude of a civilised society.

While I was enjoying the spring weather in a café one Sunday morning, I noticed a pair of public telephone booths; one of the telephones, unfortunately, had a torn hand piece.

I decided to test the efficiency of the local telecom agency and to monitor whether this vandalised apparatus will be fixed.

To my amazement, it was fixed the following day.

By the next Sunday, I saw it had suffered the fate of the previous week and, again to my amazement, it was fixed again the following day.

This incident continued twice more, then it ceased.

I came to the conclusion that even vandals will get the point that their actions will not affect society and, eventually, they will come to behave in a civilised way.

In other words, a civilised society would not penalise the whole community, by depriving it of a functional working public telephone, because of the action of a few bad apples in society.

What I witnessed in Germany should be emulated in our societies. The majority in any society is governed by decency, and it should be treated as such.

Ihsan Omet,

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