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Where the logic?

Aug 23,2014 - Last updated at Aug 23,2014

Living in Amman, one is consistently struck by the misbehaviour of some motorists or about public misconduct and irresponsibility in general.

Surely, a person cannot complain at every turn or in every instance, but seeing that even solutions to some irregularities are irrational, one starts to wonder about some decision makers’ capabilities and expertise.

Driving Saturday morning from the Fourth Circle, I turned right towards the Khalidi Hospital Street. I was surprised to find that the traffic was not allowed to continue down the road, but had to turn right again at the intersection.

A policeman was also standing besides the metal fence blocking the way to force motorists to shift direction.

The person who thought up this diversion was probably unaware that all motorists heading to the Khalidi Hospital Street had to do was to drive around 20 metres and make a U-turn in the middle of the road into which they were redirected in order to get back to their destination.

In other words, the traffic was moving almost in a circle around the policeman.

What twisted logic persuaded people supposed to be top-notch experts on traffic matters to do so?

Was it right to create congestion at this intersection that I am sure is the least of Amman’s traffic problems?

Ammanites want to see real problems solved, and not superficial, cosmetic actions here and there that only make things worse and show incompetence.

Isn’t it time to concentrate on a feasible, logical and manageable city plan instead of wasting time and energy on unimportant details?

When a comprehensive and courageous change is effected, all minor issues will be taken care of automatically.

But for such change to happen, there is need for responsible and rational decisions from people with knowledge and expertise.

Maha Samir,

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