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‘1/3 of Razzaz’s commitments in policy statement pledged for first time’

By JT - Jul 12,2018 - Last updated at Jul 12,2018

AMMAN — Rased, a governmental performance monitor, on Wednesday said that one-third of commitments in the government policy statement that was presented before the Parliament on Monday has not been mentioned by previous governments.

Meanwhile, 65 per cent of the commitments were reiterated in the statements of the three preceding governments, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

In its first report on the government’s performance, Rased added that the statement included eight main aspects, which are political reform, financial reform, administrative reform and combating corruption, public services and development, foreign affairs and the security system.

The aspects included 80 commitments pledged by Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, according to Petra.

The report showed that 39 per cent of the commitments were in the field of public services and development, followed by financial and economic reform which accounted for 21 per cent, 16 per cent in the administrative reform and combating corruption, 9 per cent for each of transparency and accountability and the rule of law and human rights, and 6 per cent for other fields.

For accuracy and clarity of the commitments’ language, the report said that 75 per cent of pledges did not specify the authority that will implement them, 73 per cent had no clear timeframe and 54 per cent did not include certain measures for implementation.

In terms of focus, financial reform topped all fields in terms of number of words and time during the presentation of the statement, gaining 24 per cent of the total words and time (657) words.

Financial reform was followed by public services and development which took 22 per cent, administrative reform and combating corruption 15 per cent, followed by foreign affairs and the security system with 10 per cent each, 7 per cent for each of political reform and transparency and accountability, and finally judiciary and human rights with 5 per cent of words and time allocations.

The report also included comparisons between Razzaz’s government with the three governments of former prime ministers Fayez Tarawneh, Abullah Ensour and Hani Mulki in terms of the numbers of commitments and their ratios in each field.

According to the report, Abdullah Ensour’s government included the highest number of pledges (85) followed by Razzaz (80) and Tarawneh (69).

For fields of focus, Tarawneh’s government focused on services and development which constituted 59 per cent of commitments, while Ensour’s government gave 39 per cent to the same field.

The report also showed that Razzaz’s statement repeated 41 commitments that were mentioned by Mulki’s statement. 

In his speech before the Parliament, Razzaz pledged a number of legislative achievements.

He also pledged to revise and amend nine laws and by-laws that are the income tax, the right to obtain information, ill-gotten gains, the Audit Bureau, the civil retirement, the civil service, media, justice and private schools.

The premier promised to provide a detailed plan for ministers’ work for the first 100 days of the government’s mandate.

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