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‘Royal Fighter’Alqaisi wins UAE Warriors Featherweight Championship

By Batool Ghaith - Dec 02,2021 - Last updated at Dec 02,2021

UAE Warriors Featherweight Champion Ali ‘the Royal Fighter’ Alqaisi poses with his prize belt, as well as the Jordanian and Palestinian flags (Photo courtesy of Ali Alqaisi)

AMMAN — Ali Alqaisi, a 31-year-old Jordanian MMA fighter known as “Royal Fighter”, won the UAE Warriors Featherweight Championship after defeating former champion Do Gyeom Lee from South Korea.

Qaisi expressed his happiness and pride for winning the title, saying: “I feel great about winning this belt, as well as winning two world titles in just over two months. This pushes me to keep working hard. My manager and I work together very closely planning each step and making sure we are always working towards our goals”. 

Qaisi said he received a call about the fight only seven days before because the original opponent dropped out. 

“I always stay as ready as possible to make the most of short notice opportunities. Despite the large weight cut, I try to stay within shooting distance of my fight weight. It is basically a year round camp,” Qaisi told The Jordan Times.

Qaisi started his MMA career in 2015 after fighting Kung Fu/Sanda since 2005. He became the world champion in Kung Fu/Sanda in 2015 and 2016.

“There are many challenges that a young athlete faces, especially in a new sport like MMA. However, I always try to focus on my goals and use my challenges as motivation for me to achieve them,” he continued.

Qaisi noted that “the sport is still new in the region and some parents prefer their children to be doctors, engineers or lawyers — but definitely not fighters”. 

 “Personally, this sport has made me a better person,” he added. 

Qaisi advised any young person who wants to pursue MMA to keep chasing their dream and to surround themselves with positive people and coaches who care about them, focusing on their goals and fighting for it to represent themselves and their country.

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