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72% of polled Ammanis rate education services as good or excellent, survey finds

Half of respondents say gender equality is observed in capital; two-thirds say stability excellent

By JT - Nov 27,2016 - Last updated at Nov 27,2016

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AMMAN — A new survey by career website and online market research portal YouGov has revealed that nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of the Amman respondents believe that the availability of education in their city is good or excellent.

The survey, whose data were collected online from September 23 to October 18 with the participation of 1,436 respondents from several Arab cities, including Amman, found that a 54 per cent of the Ammani respondents rate the quality of education as good or excellent.

One-third (33 per cent) of the polled people living in Amman are happy with their current city of residence, according to a statement released by on Sunday.

Cities assessed also include Algiers, Alexandria, Cairo, Kuwait City, Beirut, Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Muscat, Doha, Jeddah, Riyadh, Tunis, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Manama, Damascus and Sharjah.

In Amman, more than one quarter (26 per cent) of the respondents rate the availability of jobs as average or above. 

Some 37 per cent of the sample in Amman believes that the opportunity for career growth in the capital is average or above, while 38 per cent of the respondents say the availability of “reasonably priced
day-to-day amenities” is average or above. 

Similarly, 24 per cent believe the availability of affordable housing is average.

“Amman residents appear to be satisfied with their health insurance and social security system,” the statement said, adding that 33 per cent of the polled Ammanis rate it as good and an additional 11 per cent rate it as excellent. 

Environmental and sociocultural factors 

The survey also covered environmental factors, such as visual appeal, climate and cleanliness. 

Nearly half (44 per cent) of the respondents in Amman rate the beauty of the city’s architecture and buildings as good or excellent, the statement said. 

Around 31 per cent said they think the weather is good and comfortable.

As for cleanliness, nearly half (48 per cent) of respondents rated water cleanliness as good or excellent; 29 per cent rated the air quality as good or excellent; and 24 per cent said the clean streets and roads are good or excellent.

A majority (58 per cent) of the Amman respondents believe that the availability of healthcare is good or excellent, while 49 per cent rate the quality of healthcare as good or excellent. 

Some 52 per cent also rate the city’s water, electricity and sewage systems as good or excellent.

Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) believe that the feeling of stability and security is good or excellent, according to the statement.

From a sociocultural perspective, half of the respondents said they believe that the equal treatment of both genders is good or excellent and 39 rate the fair treatment of all nationalities the same way. 

Similarly, 49 of the polled Ammanis said they believe that the city’s tolerance of different cultures and ideas is good or excellent.

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