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British ambassador pays visit to Irbid

By JT - Sep 28,2022 - Last updated at Sep 28,2022

British Ambassador Bridget Brind meets with students during a tour of Irbid on Wednesday  (Photo courtesy of British embassy)

AMMAN — British Ambassador Bridget Brind on Wednesday visited Irbid and met with Governor Radwan Outom and Mayor Nabil Al Kofahi, as well as students, business owners, MPs, refugees and local artists to learn about Irbid, highlight Jordanian-British cooperation and promote the value of inclusion, according to a statement from the British embassy.

The ambassador’s visit started at an UNRWA-operated school, where the Brind met with students attending the student parliament, and heard their ambitious plans for the new school year. She also met with teachers partnered with the British Council, which helps UNRWA schools to enhance their English-language education.

 “The English language is a key ingredient for Jordan’s economic development, as it opens up many opportunities. Motivated students and skilled teachers, like the ones in this school, are not only an example of success for the present but a promise for the future,” Brind said.  

In the UNRWA camp, the ambassador said: “Jordan has shown extraordinary generosity in supporting refugees. The UK remains committed to supporting UNRWA’s efforts in Jordan to ensure that all people have access to health and education, and can fulfil their basic needs.”

The ambassador spoke to representatives and business owners in Irbid to discuss ways to strengthen Jordan’s economy. 

She also met with youth, women and refugees who participated in the UK-funded Youth Tech and Jobs project, which provides access to income opportunities through technology. 

The ambassador noted how growth, prosperity and inclusion are positively related. 

“An inclusive education system plants the seeds for equal societies to blossom and the economy to prosper through providing opportunities for all. Jordan needs to make the most of all its diverse and talented population, including women and youth, if it is to reach the ambitious targets set out in the new Economic Modernisation Vision 2033,” the ambassador said.  

The visit to Irbid ended with a meeting with local artists and young people to discuss the value of the arts in times of crisis and uncertainty given their ability to enhance mental health and wellbeing through creativity. 

The ambassador met with artists selected by the British Council funded project “Artists Connecting in Transit”, an inclusive partnership between different art organisations from Jordan, Turkey and the UK.

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