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‘Egyptian worker will not drop assault charges against MP’s brothers’

By Rana Husseini - Oct 11,2015 - Last updated at Oct 11,2015

AMMAN — The Egyptian worker who was allegedly assaulted by the brothers of an MP in Aqaba will not drop charges against them, Egyptian Ambassador to Jordan Khaled Tharwat said on Sunday.

The alleged assault was captured on video last Friday and went viral on social media, showing lawmaker Zeid Shawabkeh purportedly talking to an Egyptian worker, later identified as waiter Khaled Yamani, at Lebnani Snack restaurant in the port city. 

As Shawabkeh was speaking to the 36-year-old worker, his brother slapped him across the face.

The footage then shows the MP’s brother allegedly pushing Yamani to the ground and, with the help of two others, beating him up.

The brothers were detained briefly and releases last week after a tribal settlement was reached between all the parties involved.

“We were surprised to see that not all the settlement points were honoured,” Tharwat told The Jordan Times.

The ambassador said part of the settlement stipulated that the brothers of the MP place an apology to Yamani and the Egyptian community in Jordan in the local newspapers.

Instead, Tharwat said, “they ran a statement only thanking the embassy and Yamani for dropping the charges”.

“This was not what was agreed upon and we will not drop charges until what was agreed on is accomplished,” the ambassador added.

Also Sunday, a trial was held whereby the court decided to refer Yamani to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine to obtain a medical report, his lawyer, Atef Mayah, told The Jordan Times.

“I will not drop charges until I receive a written consent from my client or the embassy,” added Mayah, who is the legal counsel for the Egyptian embassy.

The next session is set for October 25, the lawyer added.

An employee at the restaurant who witnessed the assault told The Jordan Times in previous remarks that the incident apparently occurred because Yamani was “late in delivering the meal to the deputy and his company”.


Commenting on the incident, Government Spokesperson Mohammad Momani said in recent remarks that Jordan respects Arab guest workers, adding that the law protects both citizens and residents and enables them to turn to the Kingdom’s legal system if their rights are compromised.

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