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Elections commission receives 15 new national list applications

By Khaled Neimat - Dec 23,2012 - Last updated at Dec 23,2012

AMMAN — The Independent Elections Commission (IEC) received 15 new applications for national list candidates on Sunday, the second day of the candidacy period, bringing the total number of national tickets submitted so far to 34.

IEC officials said the candidate turnout at the national level was “good”, expecting the last day of the candidacy period on Monday to witness a further increase in the total number of national ticket applications.

Under the Elections Law’s mixed system, voters in the January 23 polls will have one vote at the local constituency level and another at the national level to vote for a closed proportional list.

Each party or political group with a ticket on the national level decides the order of candidates on the list, which can include between nine and 27 names.

Meanwhile, applications submitted by parliament hopefuls on the constituency level increased to 564, with 91 new submissions on Sunday, IEC Spokesperson Hussein Bani Hani said.

The registered national lists comprise 484 candidates, including 45 women, while local district potential candidates include 85 women.

IEC officials said the turnout on the first day was better than on the second day.

The Jordan News Agency, Petra, quoted Bani Hani as saying that the candidacy period would not be extended as per the Elections Law.

Once the candidacy period concludes, the IEC will spend one week examining the applications and deciding which to accept.

Parliament hopefuls whose applications are rejected can contest the IEC’s decision in court.

New national tickets emerged over the past two days, including one for the National Union Centrist Party and another for the Duaa Party.

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