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Evacuation plan for people in hotel quarantine to be announced tonight, Adaileh says

Plan to include medical inspection, 14-day home quarantine

By JT - Mar 29,2020 - Last updated at Mar 29,2020

Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh speaks during a joint press briefing with Minister of Culture Bassem Tweissi at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management on Sunday (Petra photo)

AMMAN — Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh on Sunday revealed that the government will announce on Sunday evening a plan to evacuate people who are quarantined in hotels at the Dead Sea and in Amman and other areas, to be implemented on Monday morning.

Adaileh explained, during a joint press briefing with Minister of Culture Bassem Tweissi at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, that the plan will include precautionary health measures and home quarantine instructions for the 5,000 quarantined individuals who have completed their two-week hotel quarantine, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

On Sunday, the National Anti-Pandemic Committee unanimously approved the action plan to evacuate people at quarantine at Dead Sea hotels, with the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army represented by the Royal Medical Services (RMS) as a key committee member, according to the committee’s Spokesperson Nathir Obaidat.

Obaidat told Petra that the release plan includes strict instructions to preserve the quarantined individuals’ safety and that of their families, which involves them undergoing clinical tests before leaving their hotel rooms.

In a statement, the committee stressed that the plan was developed to provide the “greatest level of safety” for those in quarantine, adding that its outcomes will be followed up on the ground.

RMS medical teams will, as of Monday morning, distribute instructional leaflets to everyone in quarantine and conduct clinical evaluations for each individual inside their rooms according to the specifications of the national plan, the statement said.

In case any of those quarantined show any symptoms prior to their release, samples will be taken and they will have to remain until their results are confirmed to ensure they are not infected with COVID-19 before they are allowed to leave, Obaidat noted.

All those leaving the hotels are instructed to self-quarantine at home for 14 days and follow “social distancing” practices, avoiding contact with any family members and committing to health and safety instructions issued by the committee, the spokesperson added.

“The plan’s success depends on everyone’s commitment from the moment they leave the rooms to the moment they take their seats in the buses in accordance with instructions”, the statement said.

The committee stressed the importance of each person’s adherence to the instructions stipulating a two-week home quarantine. While observing this quarantine, individuals are urged to contact the hotline 111 in case they experience any symptoms of the coronavirus, Petra added.

They will also be provided with a list of doctors who can respond to inquiries.

Regarding the paper permits that authorise their holders to move during the curfew, Adaileh stressed during the briefing that work is under way to develop an electronic mechanism for permits, which is currently being evaluated in terms of security and logistical aspects.

He stressed that once the verification stages of this mechanism are completed, its implementation will be announced this week.

The minister noted that, according to the assurances of the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services, no confirmed coronavirus cases have been recorded in Tafileh, contrary to some claims.

Furthermore, the National Anti-Pandemic Committee did not issue a recommendation regarding isolation measures in other regions of Jordan besides Irbid, he added.

Adaileh pointed out that the Ministry of Health has increased the number of epidemiological inspection teams, stressing that this procedure coincides with the Kingdom’s enhancing of its strategic stockpile of COVID-19 testing devices.

Adaileh highlighted the critical efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah in swiftly securing  more than 100,000 COVID-19 testing devices.

Later on Sunday, the government will announce the mechanism by which banks and exchange establishments will operate by during the coming days, the minister added.


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