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Farmers’ hopes kindled at return of fertile annexed lands

By Maram Kayed - Nov 10,2019 - Last updated at Nov 10,2019

AMMAN — The areas of Baqura and Al Ghamr are “agricultural lands of very good quality and value”, and the agricultural sector is “thrilled to dig into them”, said President of the General Union of Jordanian Farmers Odeh Rawashdeh.

The agricultural sector, which the union represents, “sends its deep appreciation and respect to His Majesty King Abdullah, who was adamant on taking back the lands down to their last metre”, Rawashdeh told The Jordan Times over the phone.

The government has not yet shared its plans for the lands, however, Rawashdeh expects them to “be given back to their rightful owners if they are individuals, or taken into government custody”.

“These lands are agricultural treasures. In the case that the lands are taken into government custody, I am sure they will either be rented or sold to farmers, or adopted for government agricultural projects, as they are very fertile and therefore perfect for agricultural use,” he added.

Citrus fruits, bell peppers, palm trees, tomatoes, eggplants, beans, cucumber, squash and melon can all be planted on these lands, according to the union president.

In addition to their fertile soil, the two areas have the advantage of being surrounded by water sources, according to farmers of the union. 

“Located next to the Jordan River, as well as having abundant amounts of wells and springs, the areas’ water supply should be of no problem, in contrast to other farms in Jordan,” Vice President of the Union Mahmoud Nour El Deen told The Jordan Times.

He added: “In water-deprived Jordan, such a strategic placement of agricultural land is precious. If the latest agricultural technology is used, Baqura and Al Ghamr will be very important contributors to the national economy.”

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