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First batch of QRTA graduates ‘heralds upcoming educational spring’ — Queen

By Mohammad Ghazal - Oct 16,2017 - Last updated at Oct 16,2017

Her Majesty Queen Rania speaks during the graduation ceremony of the first batch of Queen Rania Teacher Academy’s Teacher Education Professional Diploma and Advanced Instructional Leadership Professional Diploma on Monday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

AMMAN — Her Majesty Queen Rania on Monday said that the establishment of the Teacher Education Professional Diploma (TEPD) was a gateway for transforming teaching from a job into a career, which is a “limitless horizon” to be crossed “one graduating class at a time”.

The Queen made her remarks at a ceremony held for the graduation of the first batch of Queen Rania Teacher Academy’s (QRTA) TEPD and Advanced Instructional Leadership Professional Diploma (AILPD), where 174 teacher trainees were awarded the TEPD, while 33 school principals received the AILPD.

Referring to the launch of the National Strategy for Human Resources Development by His Majesty King Abdullah in 2016, the Queen said: “On that day, I presented the reality of education in Jordan, and we decisively moved forward on a roadmap for education reform that elevates teachers’ qualifications and improves learning outcomes.”

Despite current perceptions of the Jordanian education system, seen as “a wilted tree — parched, and incapable of bearing fruit”, Her Majesty affirmed that education in the country was very much alive, describing the graduates as “heralds of the upcoming educational spring”.

“One year ago, we said that the education we provide our children over the course of 12 years must be a journey that is worthy of their childhood, and we attested to the fact that in Jordan, when we want to achieve something, we can,” Queen Rania stated. 

“Today, I say with much pride, we willed and we acted,” she added.

Both diplomas, each consisting of 24 credit hours, were introduced during the previous academic year in line with QRTA’s efforts to implement the National Strategy for Human Resources Development.

In an address at the ceremony, held at the Palace of Culture, Minister of Education Omar Razzaz said the graduation of the diplomas’ first cohort “was a major turning point in the quality of our educational system, in accordance with the ministry’s plans and policies for teacher development and in cooperation with QRTA and the University of Jordan”.

The minister also highlighted the ministry’s attempts to elevate not only the status of teachers but also the education system as a whole. He described the training and preparation of the educators as “a cornerstone of the developmental and modernisation processes”.

“At the beginning of their professional lives, this first cohort of graduates has acquired skills and teaching methods prior to ever entering the classroom, resulting in an enriched educational environment that fosters creativity and excellence. This is sure to reflect positively on our children, leading to the development of a generation of innovative and competitive youth capable of impacting the community,” Razzaz said.

The batch of graduates, he continued, carries great responsibility in sharing their expertise with their peers to help improve the overall process in education.

“This programme and the training received by the teachers and principals at the academy is the solution to address the crisis in the country’s education sector and to expand horizons and open new opportunities in the field,” he said.

There are about 80,000 teachers in Jordan while there is a need for around 3,000 teachers annually, he said.

The TEPD was established by QRTA to equip new teachers with necessary skills to empower them to excel in the classroom based on the latest developments in the field of education. The diploma was launched with technical assistance from University College London’s Institute of Education and accreditation from the University of Jordan.

 Meanwhile, the AILPD was introduced for school principals to improve the educational environment in Jordan’s schools and provide further support to the nation’s teachers.


 The diploma was developed and implemented in partnership with the University of Connecticut in the US, in coordination with the Ministry of Education and with accreditation from the University of Jordan.

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