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Jo Womenomics forum raises Social Security Law’s discriminatory provisions against women

By Maria Weldali - Dec 02,2021 - Last updated at Dec 02,2021

Panelists at the Jo Womenomics forum on Wednesday (Photo courtesy of Jo Womenomics)

AMMAN — Jo Womenomics, through the Feminist Integral Centre for Research and Innovation (FICRI), launched its position paper on the Social Security Law amendments during a Wednesday event. 

Jo Womenomics, an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting mindset change towards women’s greater economic participation, raised the issue of the discriminatory provisions against women in the Social Security Law.

The forum discussed various proposed amendments to advance women’s economic presence and rights. The discussion also called for a social security system that is more comprehensive and just for working women in the Kingdom.

“There is a huge gap in the social attitudes and beliefs when it comes to the role of women,” said Mayyada Abu Jaber, founder of JoWomenomics.

Furthermore, Abu Jaber, who is also the founder of World of Letters, a social enterprise that seeks to provide equity and justice to youth and women in the MENA region, highlighted the need to increase awareness of women’s role in Jordan.

The position paper included a number of items of the Social Security Law, which are recommended to be amended, including: adding the family support raise on the higher salary of the spouses (in case both of them were covered by social security), adjusting women’s retirement age to start between 55-60, including women with optional social security subscriptions in maternity insurance, and allowing children of Jordanian women to have optional social security subscriptions.

A community-based study, conducted by FICRI on the concept of social security was also presented during the event, reflecting many participants’ views regarding social security and the challenges facing Jordanian women, in addition to giving an analytical overview of specific provisions in the Social Security Law.

Engaging in an authentic dialogue, Reem Badran, a former MP said: “We need thoughtful amendments that achieve balance and equity.” 

She noted that the real models of Jordanian society must be highlighted by not associating women with stereotypical roles.

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