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Jordan demands Israel cease illegal demolitions in Palestinian lands

By JT - Jul 23,2019 - Last updated at Jul 23,2019

AMMAN — Jordan on Monday condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ demolition of dozens of Palestinian homes in Sur Baher, East Jerusalem. 

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Sufian Qudah stressed the Kingdom’s rejection of the Israeli occupation’s policies and infringement on Palestinian land, including East Jerusalem, such as the illegal establishment and expansion of settlements, the unlawful seizure of lands, the demolition of homes and expulsion of residents, among others, which seek to forcefully displace Palestinians, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

Qudah affirmed that such actions breach all the agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as international law.

He demanded the occupation forces to “immediately cease” these practices as they “embed despair, increase tension and have a critical effect on the two-state solution”.

Meanwhile, the head of the Lower House Palestine Committee, MP Yahya Saud, condemned the Israeli violations committed on Monday against the Palestinian-owned buildings, calling on the international community to uphold its responsibility and provide protection for the Palestinian people.

Saud also held the Israeli government accountable for the dangerous escalation, considering the assaults as “part of the so-called deal of the century that aims at liquidating the Palestinian cause”, Petra added. 

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) on Monday called on the international community to confront Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Sur Baher, which are targeting some 100 homes housing up to 500 residents. 

In urgent letters to different Arab, Muslim and international parliamentary unions, Speaker of PNC Salim Zanoun referred to Israeli violations of international law, Hague and Geneva conventions, UN resolutions and peace agreements, including knocking down homes, along with commercial, industrial and agricultural enterprises and infrastructure in Palestine, mainly Jerusalem.

Israeli transgressions aim at altering Jerusalem’s geographical, demographical and political situation as well as separating it from Palestine, he added.

Wadi Al Hummus’ targeted buildings, which lie in “Area A”, meant to be under the Palestinian control under the Oslo Accords, have Palestinian Authority-issued permits.

The PNC, through the urgent letters, called on the related international bodies to immediately intervene to stop the demolition process.

The occupation forces levelled 68 homes and 178 Palestinian structures last year, among which 146 were in Jerusalem, the statement added. 

Israel’s demolition policies date back to 1967, the statement said, noting that Israeli authorities have demolished 1,440 houses since 2006 till last June, while more than 6,000 residential buildings have been knocked down since 1987.

Zanoun called on regional and international parliamentary unions to uphold their responsibility and protect Palestinian homes from Israel’s demolition policies, which violate the Fourth Geneva Convention that defines limitations on attacks on civilians and civilian objects during conflicts, as well as the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 17 that stipulates “no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property”.

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