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Jordan, Iraq on ‘good ground’ for joint work, country reconstruction — Iraqi president

Massoum commends Kingdom’s assistance in fight against terrorism, country rebuilding

By Laila Azzeh - May 19,2017 - Last updated at May 19,2017

Iraqi President Fuad Massoum speaks at a press conference in Amman on Friday (Petra photo)

AMMAN – The relationship between Jordan and Iraq is "as strong as ever" and based on mutual interests, rather than "political courtesy", Iraqi President Fuad Massoum said on Friday.

At a press conference, he noted that the two countries have "good ground" for joint work, stressing Iraq's willingness to see the Kingdom engage in the post-war reconstruction efforts in his country.  

Citing his meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday, he voiced his appreciation for the King's commitment to the unity and wellbeing of Iraq and his willingness to further strengthen bilateral cooperation ties, especially in the rebuilding of Iraq and the fight against radicalism.  

"During my meeting with King Abdullah, I acquainted him with many issues that concern Iraq and the region as a whole today in order to work together in addressing crucial files, particularly the war against terrorism, namely the Daesh group," Massoum said.

While he noted that the military operations against Daesh are about to end in Mosul,  he stressed that the reconstruction efforts "are not easy and require patience and perseverance".

"We will get rid of Daesh as a military power soon and we now need huge financial capabilities in order to bring back stability to the areas it was dominating," the president said, adding that the destruction inflicted by the terrorist group was "huge", underlining the irreparable damage to historical and archaeological sites.

On the bright side, Massoum noted that "Daesh has managed to unite Iraqis of different sects, religions and backgrounds". 

"The war against Daesh brought Iraqis back together, regardless of their backgrounds," he said.  

Meanwhile, the Iraqi president highlighted the need to open the door for investors to take part in the reconstruction process, citing his recent meeting with Jordanian and Iraqi businesspeople in Jordan. 

“We should invest all we have to rebuild Iraq, which is rich in mineral resources, water, land and human capital,” Massoum said.

He underlined that the reopening of the Turaibil-Karameh border crossing between Jordan and Iraq was “only a matter of time” and that big companies are currently working to ensure its safety. 


The Iraqi president will take part in the World Economic Forum and deliver an address on the post-war reconstruction in his country. 

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