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King, Abbas discuss efforts to solve Jerusalem crisis

FM outlines Jordan’s ‘diplomatic engagement’ to restore calm

By JT - Jul 27,2017 - Last updated at Jul 27,2017

Muslims pray as they await the declaration of the report of the International Institute of Islamic Waqf on the entrance problem of Al Aqsa in front of Al Aqsa Mosque compound after Israeli authorities decided to remove metal detectors from the compound in Jerusalem on Wednesday (Anadolu Agency photo)

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday discussed, during a phone call, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas the crisis in Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif, according to a Royal court statement. 

King Abdullah and President Abbas affirmed the continued coordination of efforts towards solving this crisis, in order to ensure that normalcy is fully restored and that the situation is not escalated any further.

The two leaders stressed that the historic and legal status quo of Jerusalem remains intact.

Also on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi reiterated that Jordan’s efforts to protect Jerusalem and the holy sites were still ongoing. 

They started the moment the crisis at Al Haram Al Sharif broke out, he said, when a shootout between Palestinian gunmen led to the death of three Palestinian youths and two members of the occupation forces. 

Israel closed down the holy shrine and when it was reopened, metal detectors and cameras were installed at its gates, triggering Palestinian anger and protests. Israel removed the devices under pressure, especially from Jordan, but said they would be replaced by advanced technologies. 

Safadi told Sky News Arabic that Jordan’s pro-Jerusalem diplomacy, led by King Abdullah, is aimed at restoring calm through a “popularly accepted” solution that ensures the cancellation of all unilateral Israeli acts, respect of the historic and legal status quo of Jerusalem, returning the situation to its previous state, and removal of metal detectors, cameras and any other measure.

There has been some progress, but the crisis has not been solved yet, pending the reversal of all Israeli measures, Safadi told the Abu Dhabi-based news channel. 


The foreign minister underlined an Arab League foreign ministerial meeting scheduled for Thursday, at Jordan’s request, while there have been contacts with the US side, the Palestinian leadership and other players. The Americans, he said, want a resolution to the crisis and “we are working together to achieve that”.

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with all respect to Palestinian people, what did Abbas do for them? he hands them over to Israel military as flocks of sheep. Abbas has nothing to do with Palestine, he just graze Palestinians as cattle to collect millions from them and Israel. all this so called Fath is another face of Israel occupation. he is an enemy of the state and enemy of him self. in my opinion Israel stopped not because they worry from Arabs? or afraid of Saudi. no they worried from Intifada of Palestinians that would cost Israel billions of dollars, and some lives of their citizens, and to Israel a drop of blood of their own equals or better than all the Arab blood and lives. the truth Israel stopped because of fear of Palestinians inside not because of Arab's effort, or UN recommendations. there are more than 200 decisions against Israel from UN council and not even one was done or either accepted by hem. this is the harsh truth

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