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King’s tweet conveys Islam’s message of peace — religious scholars

By Bahaa Al Deen Al Nawas - Oct 29,2020 - Last updated at Oct 29,2020

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday tweeted two verses from the holy Koran on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, which the Islamic world celebrates on Thursday.

In the tweet, His Majesty quoted the Koranic verse "And indeed, you are of a great moral character” from Al Qalam chapter, and the verse “Surely We will be sufficient for you against the mockers” from Al Hijr chapter, and concluded the tweet with “Peace be upon Prophet Mohammad”.

The tweet reflects Islam’s peaceful message and Muslims’ morals in dealing with adversity and offence, according to former awqaf ministers.

“His Majesty’s tweet is very elegant in regard to the perfect choice of verses, as if to send messages to Muslims first and foremost, highlighting the prophet’s high morals, which should be reflected in Muslims’ actions and reactions, even in case of offence,” former Awqaf minister Hayel Dawood told The Jordan Times over the phone on Thursday.

Dawood said the King’s tweet condemns any offence directed at Prophet Mohammad and Islam.

Former Awqaf minister Wael Arabiyat told The Jordan Times that His Majesty’s tweet is a testament to the Hashemite legacy, which carries the peaceful message of Islam. The  tweet also conveys the message that  the offence does not impact Islam or the prophet.

“To quote ‘And indeed, you are of a great moral character’ is to reflect that Muslims have morals and face offence with goodness, marching forward in spite of any offence or mockery,” Arabiyat said, noting that reactions should always be of “high moral standing, reflecting the true peaceful image of Islam”.

“The King also conveys the Amman Message, which is a message of Islam, affirming in all international platforms that it is our duty to spread love and peace, not hatred nor destruction,” Arabiyat said, noting that individual reactions that are carried out otherwise do not reflect the official stance. 

His Majesty’s tweet expressed what is in the hearts of 1.5 billion Muslims, the former minister concluded. 


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