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Local cartoonists join ranks to send ‘humanitarian message’ of Syrian refugees

By Muath Freij - Sep 19,2015 - Last updated at Sep 20,2015

A cartoon drawn by Amjad Rasmi on display an a joint exhibition on the plight of Syrian refugees (Photo courstesy of Amjad Rasmi)

AMMAN – Three Jordanian cartoonists are holding a joint exhibition to highlight the plight of Syrian refugees, especially those seeking haven and a better future in Europe. 

Omar Abdallat, Nasser Al Jaafari and Amjad Rasmi chose the theme “Western Countries are my home,” mocking a slogan taught to Arab schoolchildren for decades “All Arab countries are my home,” dating back to the post-WWII pan-nationalism era in the region. 

“We wanted to send a humanitarian message” on the need to protect human life and provide children with a safe environment to live a normal life,” Abdallat told The Jordan Times in an interview during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, held at a café in Jabal Luweibdeh on Thursday.

Al Jaafari underlined another goal. The trio sought to present cartoons as shapers of public opinion and collective awareness.

Editorial cartoons, he said, are very important during times like the ones witnessed by the region in recent years.

“This art is important because it is honest and conveys its messages bluntly,” he added. 

Al Jaafari noted that oppressive regimes are responsible for the emergence of extremist groups and the craziness in the Arab world.

“This is what we wanted to say at this exhibition,” he said.

Musa Hijazeen, a Jordanian comedian, commended the idea of the exhibition. 

“These young people speak for all Jordanians because they express our feelings towards refugees through their works,” he told The Jordan Times.  

Linda Khoury, the owner of Fan Wa Chai, a café and art gallery, said the exhibition features a collection of art pieces that have been scattered in mainstream and social media. 


She noted that the show, which runs through September 29, showcases a total of 33 works.   

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