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Man jailed for 12 years for bank robbery

By Rana Husseini - May 23,2022 - Last updated at May 23,2022

AMMAN — The Court of Cassation upheld a May State Security Court (SSC) ruling sentencing a man to 12 years in prison after convicting him of robbing a bank in Amman in September 2020.

The court declared the defendant guilty of theft and carrying out acts that would endanger the safety of society, disturbing public order, spreading fear among citizens and jeopardising economic resources and handed him the maximum punishment.

“What the defendant did was a dangerous act that caused fear among the public and the bank employees and endangered their lives, so we strongly believe that he deserves the maximum punishment in this case,” the SSC ruled.

Court papers said the defendant decided to make “quick cash” by robbing a bank and decided to rob Itihad Bank located in Jubeiha.

On September 22, the court maintained, the defendant entered the bank wearing a hoodie and sunglasses while waving a handgun.

“The defendant then handed the teller a bag he was carrying and ask her to fill it with cash,” court papers said.

The teller placed JD1,987 in the bag, court papers said.

The defendant then fled the scene in a vehicle that did not have any licence plates, the court documents added.

Nevertheless, the authorities were able to locate his residence and arrested him, according to the court papers.

The defendant ushered investigators to a secret place in his home where he hid the money, the court transcripts added.

Investigators were able to retrieve JD1,135 in cash, according to the court papers.

The defendant, through his lawyer, contested the court’s ruling arguing that his client “had no intention of terrorising people and that he was only seeking to get hold of cash”.

Meanwhile, the SSC general attorney asked the higher court to uphold the court’s ruling.

However, the higher court ruled that the Criminal Court followed the proper procedures and the defendant deserved the verdict he had received.

The Cassation Court bench comprised judges Mohammad Ibrahim, Fawzi Nahar, Majid Azab, Hayel Amr and Ibrahim Abu Shamma.


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