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Opposition coalition announces Friday march to Interior Ministry Circle

By Khaled Neimat - Nov 28,2012 - Last updated at Nov 28,2012

AMMAN — The National Front for Reform (NFR) on Wednesday announced arrangements for its Friday march under the slogan “Popular uprising for reform”, noting it made preparations to ensure the security and legality of the event.

“We are not a gang,” Ahmad Obeidat, former premier and current president of the NFR, said at a press conference, adding that the march will start from three mosques near Firas Circle in the capital’s Jabal Hussein neighbourhood and end at the Interior Ministry Circle.

“The Interior Ministry Circle is not our target,” Obeidat noted, adding that the event will be peaceful and its participants will not provoke any clashes.

The march will conclude with one speech by the NFR president himself, who stressed that there will be no open-ended sit-in at the vital intersection, which links east and west Amman and also connects the capital to the northern governorates.

He urged the authorities to protect the rally participants noting that “it is the state’s duty and in its interest to ensure security during such occasions”.

The march’s main objective is to convey a message, Obeidat said, adding that the focus will be on “how to get the country out of its current predicament”.

The NFR is a grouping of several opposition parties, including the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, in addition to popular movements, professional associations, politicians and activists.

Obeidat said the main demands of Friday’s march are reviewing the recent government decision to lift fuel subsidies, releasing all political detainees and forming a national salvation government after the resignation of the current Cabinet.

“I contacted Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour and discussed means to ensure the participants’ security and safety,” he told reporters.

The former intelligence chief said Ensour was “positive”, stressing that all measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the planned march.

The NFR announced last week that it will organise a march on November 30 and called on all popular movements to take part in the event, which is expected to gather thousands of pro-reformists from across the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood and several popular movements from around the Kingdom have announced that they will take part in the rally, stressing that it will be peaceful.

The decision to lift fuel subsidies, which was announced on November 13, was met by protests and riots across the country. It sent up the price of 90-octane gasoline from JD0.70 a litre to JD0.80 a litre.

Diesel and kerosene prices rose from JD0.515 a litre to JD0.685 per litre, while cooking gas went from JD6.5 to JD10 per cylinder.

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