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Pumping from Zara-Maeen plant suspended

By Hana Namrouqa - Nov 13,2012 - Last updated at Nov 13,2012

AMMAN — Pumping from the Zara-Maeen Water Treatment Plant remained suspended for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, causing disruptions in the capital’s water distribution programme, according to an official at the Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna).

Miyahuna had to stop pumping from the treatment plant and other sources supplying the capital with drinking water twice this week after it became muddy following heavy rainfall.

“We stopped pumping from the plant on Friday night and resumed later Saturday, then again suspended pumping on Monday because the levels of murkiness were above the permitted limits,” Miyahuna Operations Director Ghazi Khalil told The Jordan Times on Tuesday.

The Zara-Maeen Water Treatment Plant doesn’t receive water if it is muddy, according to Miyahuna, which shuts down the plant several times during winter when the water in the Mujib Dam, one of the main sources feeding the treatment plant, becomes murky.

A depression and a cold air mass that affected the country over the past few days brought heavy rain to different parts of the country, causing floods in desert areas, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department.

“It is not clear yet when the plant will resume pumping, because it depends on the quality of water coming from the valleys,” Khalil said, noting that the water distribution programme in Amman has been witnessing disruptions as a result of shutting down the plant.

“The plant provides Amman with 30 per cent of its water needs, so it is inevitable that many neighbourhoods will face water shortages,” Khalil said.

Under the water distribution programme, households in Amman receive water once a week on a rotating basis.

Water supply has been suspended to several neighbourhoods including Ashrafiyeh, Dahiyet Al Hajj Hassan, Jandaweel and Abu Alanda, according to the Miyahuna official.

Miyahuna pumps over 410,000 cubic metres of water to Amman daily from several water sources, such as Zara Maeen, Qastal wells, Qatraneh, Swaqa and the Zai Water Treatment Plant.

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