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Senate endorses domestic violence protection law

By JT - Apr 21,2017 - Last updated at Apr 21,2017

Senators are seen during a session on Thursday (Petra photo)

AMMAN — The Senate on Thursday endorsed the domestic violence protection law for 2016, following its approval by the Lower House on Sunday.

The law aims to enhance the stability and safety of family members by providing families with psychological and social services and support, while obliging health, education and social service providers to report any case of domestic violence. 

Also on Thursday, the Senate returned the amended civil aviation law to the law and public services committees for further discussion, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The law was returned for issues of technical proficiency and compliance with international agreements.

The Upper House also endorsed amending the 2017 municipalities’ law after its referral from the Lower House, exempting the Greater Amman Municipality from plans to divide local councils. 

The house discussed three questions raised by Senators Osama Malkawi, Hala Bseiso and Adel Bani Mohammad.

The senators questioned whether a women’s protection plan is in place or under way, details related to the granting of masters certificates to students, and queries about the exemption of taxes for agricultural lands.

At the beginning of the session, Senate President Faisal Fayez extended Easter greetings to Christian members, highlighting the harmony between religions in the Kingdom.

He also condemned violence that took place at a school in Amman on Wednesday, when a number of teachers were injured and facilities damaged, adding that such acts violate the Jordanian law and values.


Fayez called upon the government to take adequate measures to protect teachers.

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We Jordanians don't like those domestic violence witch hunters who try normalizing exterminating domestic violence offenders who create boundaries of repercussion against those fanatical moral defection normalization feminists who try to influence and persuade our children to become active working fanatics of their deranged global moral defection normalization fantasies. We usually behead them, publicly, for publicly trying to get away with it. In America, they usually get shot, committ suicide, or end up in prison high on oxytocin and their delusions of ascending to power as a royal who got away with getting the world to be like that. But here in the Middle East, we behead them because of the moral defection implications associated with letting them live. We hope that the rest of the world doesn't find it too difficult to honor the love for the children of the world who get terrorized by them.

Mandatory expulsion of domestic violence witch hunters.

Domestic violence offenders have rights too. They need protection from the witch hunters who can't beat America at global dominance and rule.

We need more protection for domestic violence offenders.

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