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Significant increase in demand for trips to Syria — travel agencies

By Batool Ghaith - Nov 07,2021 - Last updated at Nov 07,2021

The demand for trips to Syria has been increasing since the reopening of the Jaber border crossing, according to travel agencies (Photo by Sahem Rababaa)

AMMAN — The demand for trips to Syria has been increasing since the reopening of the borders, according to travel agencies.

The Jaber border crossing between Jordan and Syria was reopened in August after being closed for a period of time.

Motasem Zeyadeh, a local travel agency owner, indicated that they were concerned when the borders first reopened, as they “did not expect a high turnout due to security reasons”.

“We were surprised with the demand and how many people were going to Syria. We started with one bus going to Syria per week and we currently have two buses going twice a week,” Zeyadeh told The Jordan Times by phone on Sunday.

According to Zayadeh, demand is expected to drop in the winter. “All sectors are usually affected in the winter, but we are still happy with the outcome of the borders reopening,” he said.

Samir Khawaldeh, a local travel agency sales director, also noted a significant increase in demand for trips to Syria, especially during the weekends.

“We have approximately 70 to 100 people going to Syria almost every weekend since the reopening of the borders, which is a great number,” he told The Jordan Times over the phone.

He highlighted the importance of border reopening, noting how it has helped the economic recovery of travel agencies and the tourism sector "which is important for the Jordanian economy," he said.

“We are looking forward to next year. We are expecting a huge demand, especially if the procedures for COVID-19 are mitigated by that time. It will be a huge step for us, not only for Syria trips but for all destinations as well,” Khawaldeh added.

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