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Tweeps weigh in on vote buying

By Mohammad Ghazal - Jan 22,2013 - Last updated at Jan 22,2013

AMMAN — Several Twitter users in Jordan have posted sarcastic tweets about the detention of parliamentary hopefuls on suspicion of vote buying.

Some tweeps commended the incarceration of candidates accused of buying votes and illegally holding voter identification cards, saying political money has always had a negative impact on the polls.

“Detained candidates will move from prisons to represent the nation in the Lower House,” Tasneem Hanandeh tweeted on Tuesday.

Another Twitter user called Ali said the Juweideh Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre is teeming with candidates, expecting many more to be detained ahead of the polls.

Mohamad Bdareen agreed, tweeting that the Juweideh prison was full because of political money.

Until Tuesday morning, five candidates were still in custody as investigations continued over their suspected involvement in vote buying and other election crimes.

One tweep urged people “to have sympathy with detained candidates who spent thousands on their campaigns and bail them out”.

But Twitter user Nouman disagreed.

“Those who violate the law and try to buy the votes of the poor need to go to prison and should not become MPs.”

Casting doubt on the impartiality of the elections, Twitter user Masoud said: “There will be no one left to fill the Lower House if the detention continues.”

Some tweeps posted fake news, saying candidates had withdrawn en masse ahead of polls, fearing detention and that the police were tracking down wanted candidates in the country’s streets.

Jordanians will head to polling stations across the country on Wednesday to elect the 17th Parliament. Some 2.3 million out of three million eligible voters have registered to cast their ballot. 

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