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Twitter users urge compatriots to vote

By Mohammad Ghazal - Jan 24,2013 - Last updated at Jan 24,2013

AMMAN — Twitter users in Jordan tweeted mixed views on Wednesday’s legislative elections with several urging citizens to vote to realise the aspired reforms.

Several tweeps commended the “well-organised” voting process, labelling Wednesday as the “Day of pride for Jordan”, while others said the new Lower House needs to be effective and capable of addressing the challenges facing the Kingdom to restore the confidence of citizens.

“Today, every Jordanian feels proud about holding the elections…The Lower House should be capable of shouldering its responsibilities,” Muayyad Hiari tweeted on Wednesday.

Deena Abu Mariam slammed the poll boycotters.

“It is strange that some claim a desire for democracy and reform then boycott the most important factor of democracy [elections],” she tweeted.

Tala Issa concurred.

“Vote for the future or zip your mouth and do not complain for the next four years.”

Samer Ali, another user of the social networking site, remarked that “We will be to blame if we do not make a change. By voting we become active citizens who care about our future.”

“A great day for Jordan. Parliamentary elections taking place and for the 1st time overseen & conducted by Independent Electoral Commission,” Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh tweeted.

Tweep Salwa Katkhuda voiced similar remarks.

“Great experience voting in Amman this morning. So proud of the system. Go vote,” she said.

Mohammad Haj Hasan also expressed his pride in the country.

“Amazing organisation at the voting station and very qualified people,” he tweeted.

Twitter user Samih urged citizens to vote.

“Let’s give the Lower House a chance to prove being better than the previous one. Let’s vote and make the change we want,” he said.

But other tweeps called for boycotting the polls, voicing pessimism about its outcome.

“Fellow Jordanians, boycott and enjoy the holiday... The upcoming Lower House will have the same faces as previous one,” Ahmad tweeted.

Omar Sarawi was also cynical about the polls.

“Whether you vote or not, the result is the same,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Salwa complained about the crowded voting centre.

“I went to vote this morning in Irbid, but it was so crowded that I went home without casting a ballot.”

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