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Upsurge in coronavirus cases in Kingdom raises total count to 212

Irbid to be ‘completely isolated’ after cases in governorate increase sharply

By JT - Mar 26,2020 - Last updated at Mar 26,2020

On Thursday, 26 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Irbid and 14 were confirmed in Amman, according to Minister of Health Saad Jaber (Photo by Amjad Ghsoun)

AMMAN — A total of 40 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Jordan on Thursday, bringing the Kingdom’s total count to 212, Health Minister Saad Jaber announced on Thursday evening.

During a press briefing at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, Jaber noted that 26 cases were confirmed in Irbid and 14 cases in Amman, including five arrivals to the Kingdom from abroad who have been in quarantine.

The minister stressed that the rise in the number of registered cases is a “dangerous indicator”, which “puts us at a crossroad” in dealing with the pandemic.

He also called on the public to abide by the nationwide curfew regulations to help eliminate the disease, and keep at least two metres distance from others.

“The solution is in our hands and we have to commit to the regulations 100 per cent to stop the pandemic,” Jaber stressed, highlighting the importance of the public following the government’s regulations lest the country “lose control over the disease”.

“We all saw what happened in big countries that had to put patients in corridors and squares to die; we will not allow this to happen in Jordan and we cannot allow anyone to spoil all these efforts,” the minister said.

He added that 90-per cent commitment is not enough. “We have to abide by the regulations 100 per cent.”

“Two weeks of supporting each other will help in overcoming the disease within its incubation period,” he noted.

“We have to kill the disease and prevent it from killing us,” Jaber stressed, urging the public in a bid to protect “ourselves, our children and our families”. 

Also speaking at the press briefing, Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said that the government has decided to completely isolate Irbid from other governorates, with no one allowed to enter or leave the northern city, excluding those with special authorisation.

To protect areas that have no suspected cases, central Irbid district and the nearby villages of Aidoun, Juhfiyeh, Soum, Al Hissen, Al Sarih and Habakah will be isolated from the other parts of the governorate.

Adaileh stressed that the government, in cooperation with the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and other security entities, will continue providing basic needs to the isolated areas.

Residents of these villages are allowed to go out of their homes on foot to secure their basic needs within their respective villages during the time allocated for shopping between 10am and 6pm.

The minister added that, despite these new measures in Irbid and the increase in infections, the situation is “still under control” in the governorate, calling on all those who have interacted with infected people to immediately go to the nearest hospital to be tested.


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