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We are tightening noose around terrorists, supporters — King

By JT - Sep 16,2014 - Last updated at Sep 16,2014

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah said on Tuesday that Jordan is tightening the noose around terrorists and their supporters, adopting an approach that entails supporting neighbours and cooperating with international allies in the anti-terror campaign.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the heads of the three branches of government and other key figures and religious leaders.

“We are working to besiege terrorists and their supporters, and dry up their sources of finance. We are also harnessing all our capabilities to help conflict-riddled regional countries threatened by division.” 

As part of that, Jordan supports the regional and international coalition against terror groups, reiterating that Jordan is “always capable of overcoming challenges of all types”.

“We are in a strong position… I am optimistic that a better future is coming,” the King told his audience, stressing that he has confidence in the military and security agencies to protect the country.

“We are working at all levels to combat extremism and contain it, based on clear plans,” the King said, emphasising that the fight against terror has “security and intellectual dimensions”.

“We have gone a long way in fighting such a phenomenon,” the Monarch said, citing a series of initiatives launched and efforts spearheaded by the Kingdom over the past decade to promote interfaith dialogue, coexistence and tolerance. 

The Kingdom is in contact with world countries and influential capitals to “protect its higher interests and contribute to entrenching security and stability in the region, address its crises and find final solutions to them”, he added. 

The Monarch said Jordan will always be “an oasis of safety and stability” for all who seek refuge there, stressing that the country will always do its utmost to protect Arab Christians and enhance their presence in the region.

He called on religious leaders, intellectuals and the media to shoulder their responsibility in countering the extremist ideologies and prevent them from tarnishing the true image of Islam.

King Abdullah reiterated Jordan’s position on Syria, calling for a political solution that keeps the country from falling apart into a “failed state”. 

Meanwhile, he urged Iraqi political forces to engage in an inclusive political process that ensures their participation in the decision-making process and preserves Iraq’s unity, saying that Jordan has not ceased supporting the eastern neighbour and all components of its population. 

On Jordan’s ties with Gulf countries, King Abdullah said Jordan is the “front defence line for these countries and the entire Arab nation and its causes”. 

In statements to the press following the meeting, Senate President Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh said His Majesty “assured us that Jordan is capable of confronting all challenges”.

The King stressed that all the country’s institutions should work at this stage to strengthen the Jordanian community as one unified entity to confront challenges, said Rawabdeh, adding that the Kingdom will also work to confront any attempts to harm religious or humanitarian and social relations among the various components of Arab society. 

Lower House Speaker Atef Tarawneh underscored the importance of the meeting, noting that participants had the chance to exchange views. 

These points of view will have a positive outcome and will reflect on internal security, he said, adding that His Majesty assured attendees that the economy is heading towards revival and the country’s northern and eastern borders are safe and sound. 

Fouad Twal, the Catholic patriarch of Jerusalem, said: “We were relieved to find that His Majesty was optimistic, as usual, despite the many challenges facing Jordan and the region,” agreeing with the Monarch that Jordan is a model of coexistence between Muslims and Christians.  

“We in Jordan receive the displaced and we are not among those who are displaced. Jordan, in its entirety, has always been home and shelter for all,” he said, commending the King’s directives to receive some Christians who have left Iraq. 

The grand mufti of the Kingdom, Sheikh Abdul Kareem Khasawneh, said the King highlighted the political and economic situation in Jordan and called for fostering religious tolerance in accordance with the teachings of Islam. 

Khasawneh said mosques, houses of worship and religious centres should play a role to highlight the values of Islam which promote tolerance, and denounce violence and division.  

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