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Young entrepreneurs launch mobile app for gas delivery

By Suzanna Goussous - Jul 09,2016 - Last updated at Jul 09,2016

Gasable is available for download on the Google Play and Apple’s App Store (Photo courtesy of Amin Zou’bi)

AMMAN — A group of young Jordanians has launched a mobile app that enables consumers to order gas cylinders online.

The app, called “Gasable”, links residents to gas cylinder distributors in their areas, Amin Zou’bi, one of its designers, told the Jordan Times in a recent interview.

In most parts of Jordan, gas trucks are seen around neighbourhoods, blasting music to let residents know they are in the area, but Zou’bi said this app will reduce this disturbance. 

“Away from the loud noises caused by gas cylinder distributers in the streets which disturb people in their houses every day, we thought of a modern way that utilises technology,” he added. 

Zou’bi said users of the app can submit an order for the number of gas cylinders they require, and give a preferred delivery time and date, depending on the distributors’ working hours.  

The app can be downloaded online, and users will be asked to choose a city of residence and provide an address, he noted. 

A verification code will be texted to the user’s mobile phone to confirm registration, and the user can then place an order immediately, Zou’bi explained.  

“The order will be sent to the nearest distributors in the customer’s area, and when the distributor delivers the order, it will be removed from the order list to avoid inaccuracy,” the entrepreneur said.

“This is to develop better customer service,” he added, noting that users can also select their preferred distributor. 

Customers are asked to review the service on receipt of their order and can leave comments about the app, the gas cylinder or the distributor. 

 “Many problems and challenges in Jordan can be solved with technology. We summed the process up in one application to encourage people to use the easier way to order. It is easy to use and can provide serious solutions,” Zou’bi said.

The app designers, aged between 27 and 32, had been planning it for around two years, and started receiving orders this month, he recounted. 

“Our aim is to benefit the local community, whether they are gas distributors or residents. We will work all around the Kingdom and people can evaluate our progress to help us grow.”

The service currently covers several areas in Amman, Zou’bi said, including Jabal Al Hussein, Rabiah, Sweifieh, Deir Ghbar, Jabal Luweibdeh, Arjan, Ashrafieh, Abdali, Shmeisani, Hai Nazzal, Theraa, Hai Al Yasmine, Wadi Al Seer, Jandaweel, Al Kursi, Shafa Badran, Abu Nseir, Khalda, Abdoun, Muqabalein and Jubeiha.

The service is also available in the Sports City area, Mansour District, Zweiteenah neighbourhood, Sweileh, Al Kamaliya, Tlaa Al Ali, and Um Al Summaq.

Zou’bi said there are plans to expand the service to Jerash, Ajloun and Ramtha in the coming months. 

“We started in summer, so we can teach the distributors and residents how to use the application so that we won’t face any problems or shortages in winter and the number of cylinders will be sufficient for all,” he said.


Gasable can be downloaded for Android systems from Google Play and for iPhone users through the Apple Store for free, according to Zou’bi.

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