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By Project Syndicate - Sep 23,2018
By Homi Kharas and Rebecca Winthrop WASHINGTON, DC — This week, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will release its annual Goalkeepers report card assessing progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 23,2018
By Thomas Herndon and Mark PaulLOS ANGELES/SARASOTA — Because the consumer financial-services industry is structured to maximise profits and payouts to shareholders, it inevitably fails to meet the basic banking needs of ordinary American households.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 19,2018
By Rob Johnson and George Soros  NEW YORK — The recent exchange between Joe Stiglitz and Larry Summers about “secular stagnation” and its relation to the tepid economic recovery after the 2008-2009 financial crisis is an important one.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 18,2018
By Arvind Subramanian and Josh Felman NEW DELHI — From Argentina to Turkey and from South Africa to Indonesia, emerging markets are once again being roiled by financial turbulence.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 16,2018
By Christiana Figueres and May Boeve LONDON — This year, extreme weather conditions have ravaged our planet, subjecting vulnerable communities around the world to the ever-increasing impacts of climate change.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 10,2018
By Jacques Bughin and Nicolas van Zeebroeck  BRUSSELS — Like any transformative trend, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) poses both major opportunities and significant challenges.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 05,2018
By Børge Brende and Justin WoodGENEVA — Is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) resilient enough to thrive amid the regional and global transformations taking place today?
By Project Syndicate - Sep 02,2018
By Sandrine Devillard and Anu Madgavkar MONTREAL — Digital technologies are a double-edged sword for the world’s women. Men’s greater access to these technologies puts women at risk of being left even further behind economically and socially.
By Project Syndicate - Aug 28,2018
By Daniel Blitz and Robert Dugger WASHINGTON, DC — Former US secretary of the Treasury Lawrence H.
By Project Syndicate - Aug 25,2018
By Timur Kuran and Dani RodrikDURHAM/CAMBRIDGE — Turkey’s political model has long lost its luster, but a growing diplomatic crisis with the equally erratic administration of US President Donald Trump has now pushed the country’s economy into a full-fledged currency crisis.



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