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Exceptionally strong partnership

Jan 30,2018 - Last updated at Jan 30,2018

The visit of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Jordan for talks with His Majesty King Abdullah solidified the already stronger than ever bilateral relations. 

The German president was accompanied by his wife, who joined the talks with the King and Her Majesty Queen Rania. 

As the King told President Steinmeier, the relationship between the two countries is not only exemplary but also historic in view of their expanded horizons on many fronts including economic, military, security and ICT. 

His Majesty paid tribute to this growing relationship that "cannot be closer" and hoped for even stronger ties to expand the partnership between the two countries. 

For his part, Steinmeier referred to the exceptionally strong bilateral relations which he described as a strategic partnership that will grow with time. The German leader also said that Berlin follows Jordan's policies "with huge respect and admiration". 

President Steinmeier noted the pressure that the Kingdom has been bearing because of the exodus of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to Jordan. "I know this is a huge burden for Jordan,” said the German president. 

The added significance of the German president’s visit to Jordan lies in the fact that his nation is a major power on the European and global levels. The German economic miracle is the envy of many nations in the world which look to Berlin as an example to emulate. 

It is not only Germany's economic strength that is remarkable but also its political prowess and sophistication that are also setting examples for Europe and the world. Germany's political stability and economic strength combined have helped raise its stature worldwide. 


Jordan is therefore honoured to forge a partnership on many fronts and proud of the depth and strength of its relations with Germany. Jordan aims to reach new heights in these relations.

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