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Ricardo Hausmann
By Ricardo Hausmann - Nov 14,2018
CAMBRIDGE — Suppose two people hold different opinions about a policy issue. Is it possible to say that one is right and the other wrong, or do they just have different preferences?
By Ricardo Hausmann - Sep 02,2018
CAMBRIDGE — Have you ever wondered why business schools do not teach the proper way to whip a worker to obtain maximum effort without damaging the asset?
By Ricardo Hausmann - Jul 31,2018
CAMBRIDGE — On July 23, Alejandro Werner, the director of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Western Hemisphere Department, announced that the IMF was expecting inflation in Venezuela to reach 1,000,000 per cent by year’s end.
By Ricardo Hausmann - Jun 30,2018
CAMBRIDGE — In many dimensions, today’s West is not at its best. Many people are challenging the values of liberal democracy (individual rights and majority rule) and even those of the Enlightenment (reason, science and truth).
By Ricardo Hausmann - May 03,2018
CAMBRIDGE — As an old tale has it, there once was a competition between two pianists. After listening to the first pianist, the jury awarded the prize to the second.
By Ricardo Hausmann - Mar 07,2018
CAMBRIDGE — Much in life looks obvious after the fact.
By Ricardo Hausmann - Nov 09,2017
Why do people vote if doing so is costly and highly unlikely to affect the outcome?
By Ricardo Hausmann - Aug 02,2017
In a hastily organised plebiscite on July 16, held under the auspices of the opposition-controlled national assembly to reject President Nicolás Maduro’s call for a national constituent assembly, more than 720,000 Venezuelans voted abroad.
By Ricardo Hausmann - May 29,2017
Investing often creates moral dilemmas over goals: Should we aim to do well or to do good? Is it appropriate to invest in tobacco companies?
By Ricardo Hausmann - Mar 02,2017
In the summer of 2015, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper looked set to win his fourth consecutive election, scheduled for that October.Instead, his Conservative Party won just 99 of the House of Commons’ 338 seats.The party did not win a single constituency in Toronto



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