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To ensure security

Oct 22,2017 - Last updated at Oct 22,2017

Over the last few years the concept of security has completely shifted due to the evolution of terrorism and the operation of global criminal networks.

The new terrorism that has infected our world is based on simple and unsophisticated attacks undertaken by individuals acting alone and with minimal training or direct contact with a network.

The terrorist groups themselves also started collaborating with organised criminal groups and are learning new ways to raise money and spread their hateful message.

With the elimination of Daesh in Syria and Iraq, regional security forces must be prepared for an increase in sophisticated crimes as the disbanded terrorists employ their new skills in organised crime through drug and weapons trafficking, as well as money laundering.

In a country like Jordan, reforming the security system in order to meet and address challenges must be based on a clear understanding of the nature of the threats and a full comprehension of the need to face them.

Counterterrorism must work hand in hand with units fighting gangs and organised crime, as actors move from one to the other and many are likely to operate in between.

As the boundaries between the two begin to blur, the security apparatuses must begin to work together and collaborate in order to clearly understand the landscape they are working in.

We have a professional and expert military to face external threats; our policemen are the frontline of our fight against terrorists and organised crime.

We must have a professional and disciplined police force trained and equipped with the skills needed to face criminal and terrorist threats.

The reform of our security system should be systematic, with a long-term strategy that considers the potential changes and challenges. 

We have a multilayered and multilevel security apparatus, so we must make sure that the people at every level are appropriately trained for their role and act with professionalism and discipline to protect the people and make sure the law is upheld.



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