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Institutional reform should not be stopped halfway

Jun 03,2019 - Last updated at Jun 03,2019

The revision of the role of the security establishment is necessary to address mistakes and highlight the risks that the establishment might face. So it is normal that these institutions work on a correction process and apply the concept of reward and impeachment.

In Jordan, the recent change to its most important security institution is showing two different issues. First, Jordan’s genuine intention to apply a correction process, and second the importance of the role of the General Intelligence Department (GID) as the pillar of Jordan’s national security.

Although any process of change is usually kept secretive in such context, it is important to cherish the courage to admit the existence of mistakes. This step has its political message that the concept of impeachment is applicable, and all public officials should fear if they commit mistakes.

The GID has always played a major latent role in the fight against terrorism, and it was much closer to the black box style of operations. Actually, during the past 20 years, the work of the GID was highlighted in various and different American books, some of them turned into movies, such as “Body of Lies”. This professionalism is due to long years of professional experience, therefore, it is very important to keep up this level of professionalism by doing such internal adjustment and work more on boosting the morale of the personnel.

Decision makers in Jordan should seize the opportunity of launching such a reform plan within the establishment to outline clearly the need to create a harmonic political body with a clear decision making process that is subject to transparency and accountability.

In recent years, many mistakes appeared, while the political scene seemed to be dominated by the conspiracy theory, especially when it comes to matters of regional relations or even international ones. The same mentality seems to be starting to appear in the internal scene. Thinking strategically shows that the strength of Jordan lies in open-door relations with all countries, and, above all, Jordan needs to progressively restore its relations with its historic allies. Therefore, it is important to remember that any damage in relations, done by wrong foreign policies, can be fixed easily through a systematic approach based on institutional relations and mutual strategic interest, where the GID, especially after the recent changes, can pave the way to restore and boost relations with many countries.

The process of revision within the Jordanian system should go on. At the same time, this requires a strategic vision to overcome the negative impacts that the wrong policies or personal attitudes of some officials had caused Jordan.

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