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Attack on Palestinian national rights

Mar 15,2018 - Last updated at Mar 15,2018

The attack on the motorcade of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and his entourage as it crossed Beit Hanoun border post to Gaza Strip on Tuesday is despicable and an affront to the Palestinian national interests and the ongoing efforts to unify Palestinian ranks, especially at a time when the peace process is at a standstill and facing untold obstacles.

There had been sincere efforts to reestablish bridges between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas in Gaza and the visit of Hamdallah to Gaza was intended to cement these efforts and bring them to fruition.

Yet, there are forces that aim to derail these efforts and sabotage the goodwill that could have been generated had the PA efforts to unify Palestinian forces succeeded.

Fortunately, the terrorist attack on Prime Minister Hamdallah failed as he and his companions escaped injury. Unfortunately though, harm was already done as the attack inflicted lasting damage to Palestinian reconciliation efforts.

Hamas leadership is duty bound to contain the damage not only by investigating this incident as soon as possible, but also bringing those responsible to justice. Hamas is the established political order in Gaza and on its shoulders fall the prime responsibility to contain the repercussions of the attempt on the life of the Palestinian prime minister.

Otherwise, Hamas leadership bears responsibility for this most unfortunate attack on Palestinian national rights.

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