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Avoiding more instability

Oct 05,2017 - Last updated at Oct 05,2017

There has never been any doubt about where Jordan stands on Iraq’s unity, security and stability, a position just reinforced by His Majesty King Abdullah.

In a recent telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi, His Majesty reiterated this long-standing position, stressing Jordan’s support for Iraq in “its efforts to maintain its security, stability, integrity of its lands and unity of its population”.

The King also reasserted Jordan’s support for Iraq’s efforts to launch an inclusive political process that engages all Iraqis “in a way that contributes to building a secure and stable Iraq”.

The Kingdom’s stand on Iraq was reinforced just after the recently held referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which has the potential to destabilise the country, put it on a dangerous slope that could only lead to yet another conflict in the region already plagued by all sorts of disagreements.

The government spokesperson and minister of state for media affairs, Mohammad Momani, echoed His Majesty’s stance, asserting that Iraq’s security and unity are paramount for the region’s stability.

He also underscored the Kingdom’s support for Iraq’s fight against terrorism, and for its government’s efforts to achieve security and establish a state of citizenship that is based on laws and the Iraqi constitution, and where equality among the Iraqi people is guaranteed.

Any more conflict among Iraq’s religious sects or ethnic groups can only further destabilise the country, which has been engaged in a protracted war against Daesh.


The Kurd’s right to self-expression can be easily accommodated in a united Iraq, and they, together with all the other components of the Iraqi society, should work to avoid having more misery and instability visit their country.

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