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Given their due

Jun 14,2014 - Last updated at Jun 14,2014

His Majesty King Abdullah’s letter to HRH Prince Talal Bin Mohammad, tasking him with preparing a record of the Kingdom’s national occasions and the manner in which the country celebrates them, is intended to give these commemorations added depth and significance.

Independence Day, the Great Arab Revolt and the Army Day anniversaries are among the most prominent such momentous occasions. They are key national events that deserve a fuller recognition.

“Our fathers and ancestors have sacrificed to make these achievements come true; our armed forces have many martyrs and fought heroic battles defending this country and the nation’s dignity,” said the King, highlighting the meaning and importance these events have for the nation.

Starting with the Great Arab Revolt, launched in June 1916 by Sharif Hussein, the emir of Mecca and king of Hijaz, most national events commemorate the fight against foreign occupation and subjugation, and gaining independence.

They deserve a more profound recognition and appreciation as valuable contributions to the state-building process.

To give these important days their due, there is need of new ideas on how to mark them and how to make the traditions and records associated with these historic occasions come alive for all Jordanians.

A group of statesmen, intellectuals and academicians could come together for this goal, to give the fullest effect to the King’s initiative.

The rendition of the history of these epic events in various public spaces could be a valuable component of the initiative, one that would help bring these occasions to life again.

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