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A hope-spreading meeting

May 19,2017 - Last updated at May 19,2017

Once again Jordan is hosting on the shores of the Dead Sea the World Economic Forum, which brings together more than 1,100 political, business and civil society leaders from across the region and beyond.

The participants get the chance to exchange views on means to create partnerships and new opportunities to make our region a better place.

The fact that Jordan is hosting the forum at the present time is very telling.

As some countries around us are suffering as a result of violence that is causing death and destruction on an unprecedented scale and that is impacting the entire world, the Kingdom gives business and political leaders the opportunity to meet and discuss means of building and bringing prosperity to the peoples of the region.

That they do so at such a time means that they have faith in what they can do to create a better future for all.

We hope that this promise they carry with them will reach those embroiled in conflict, those who are currently suffering and those who are awaiting justice to be made.

From the eastern shore of the Dead Sea, where the forum is being held, we look westwards and pray that peace will be achieved between Palestinians and Israelis, that the Palestinian people’s suffering will end and that they will enjoy the right of all peoples in the world: to have an independent state where they have rights and from where they can live peacefully alongside all their neighbours.

We also hope that the messages of peace will reach our neighbours in Syria and Iraq, and farther away, that they will be spared the destructive wars and strife that tore their countries apart and will conquer the forces of darkness that spread war and terror far and wide.

The ongoing conflicts in the region are expected to be among the subjects that will be debated at the forum, which should focus on means to support diplomatic efforts attempting to achieve peace and stability, as well as on the ongoing humanitarian efforts.

According to organisers, particular emphasis will be put on attempts to find innovative means to deliver emergency aid to those who need it.

On another front, the forum is expected to put the spotlight on ways to grasp opportunities offered by the digital revolution.

It will thus highlight the most important 100 start-ups in the Arab world, which will give the youth around the region the chance to get to know about success stories and to have role models that they can emulate.


Furthermore, the fact that business and political leaders will be present together will give them the chance to search for the best ways to create private-public sector partnerships, to cut red tape and push forward economic reforms in a bid to attract more investments and economic opportunities, for the benefit of the peoples of the region.

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