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Important cooperation

Nov 30,2017 - Last updated at Nov 30,2017

His Majesty King Abdullah visits Washington for talks with senior US officials at a time of serious developments in the Middle East.

Iran’s regional role, Russia’s efforts to bring peace to Syria, the continued domestic challenges in Iraq, the war in Yemen and the more recent developments in Lebanon, among myriad other issues, are all making the regional scene even more chaotic, with fears that the entangled mess that is the Middle East will not be sorted out easily or soon, if at all.

Talks with the US officials, therefore, covered not only bilateral relations, and ways and means to bolster the existing strategic partnership between the US and Jordan, but also the several regional developments that command continuous attention and assessment.

Of course the deep-rooted Jordanian-US ties, coordination and consultations between the two countries topped the discussions during the visit that is bound to strengthen Jordan’s strategic partnership with the US, including economic cooperation.

Discussions also tackled the renewal of the memorandum of understanding that will set the volume of economic and military support for the coming years.

Jordan’s economic plans and reforms were tackled, as was the economic and military support to Jordan.

The future of the peace process in Palestine figured high on the agenda of discussions that underlined Jordan’s continued, unshaken, conviction that the Palestinian problem, which feeds most other regional conflicts, has to be equitably solved.

The developments on the Syrian and Iraqi fronts, especially the collective effort to fight terrorism, a battle almost won militarily, were also discussed.

With the Palestinian-Israeli peace process at a standstill, the armed conflict in Syria still critical despite all efforts to bring peace to the country, the war on terrorism, regional or international, remains an uphill battle.

And while the war against Daesh in Iraq is nearly over, the situation in the country is far from stabilised.

As long as these conflicts remain unresolved, regional security remains threatened.

As such, it is very important to maintain the highest level of coordination and cooperation between Jordan and the US and stay abreast of all developments.

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