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Indefensible act

Mar 11,2014 - Last updated at Mar 11,2014

Irrespective of how Israel spins this one, irrespective of what the Israeli investigation into the killing of Jordanian judge Raed Zuaiter by Israeli guards at the King Hussein Bridge border crossing reveals, there are some incontrovertible facts that all have come to know.

For one, the murdered judge carried no arms and at no time did he pose a real threat to the Israeli guards.

Even if it is true that the judge had tried to wrest control of the gun of one of the Israeli soldiers — as alleged by the soldier, but refuted by eyewitnesses — after a scuffle, there is no justification for a shot to kill.

Warning shots or, still bad enough, a shot to disable the alleged assaulter would have been more than enough.

The Jordanian judge was shot by the soldier who alleges he was physically attacked and by another soldier after the first shot.

Assuming that the first shot was by the soldier who allegedly feared for his life, why did the second one shoot an already injured, or possibly dead, man lying on the pavement if not with the intent to inflict fatal wounds?

People who cross into Israel have a common complaint about Israeli guards: they are rough, arrogant, rude and unhelpful.

These soldiers are, if anything, a reflection of their society: brainwashed into hating Arabs and killing them in cold blood just because they can.

The murdered judge must have been provoked to physically attack an Israeli soldier manning the border crossing. After all, instances of Israeli soldiers exhibiting insulting behaviour and inhuman treatment are not rare.

Whatever the case, the murder is heinous and unjustifiable.

Jordan cannot put all its faith in an Israeli-led investigation. A joint team of investigators has to be formed for this purpose so that the true full story comes out objectively.

Appropriate punishment has to be meted out to the guilty soldiers. No mentally disturbed label should shelter them from paying for the murder.

And Israel might wish to revise its policy of hatred and arrogance, responsible for the irresponsible behaviour of most of its army

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