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King Abdullah's glorious Accession to the Throne

Jun 08,2019 - Last updated at Jun 08,2019

June 9 marks the 20th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah’s Accession to the Throne, and the beginning of yet another golden era in the Hashemite rule of the country.

It is a glorious occasion to celebrate and commemorate the King’s splendid reign throughout the past 20 years, and take stock of the great achievements and progress on all fronts that the Kingdom has witnessed during the past two decades.

The magnificent rule of His Majesty is well-noted and appreciated by the people as they look forward to yet another era of great advances to be attained in the Kingdom, including on the political, economic and social fronts.

The great leaps into the future, at a time when the region has been beset by endless conflicts, cannot but be noted with deep appreciation and gratitude. The country is now safe, secure and stable due to the wise and enlightened leadership of the King, and for that alone citizens must be grateful.

Democracy and the rule of law developed deeper and more sophisticated roots in the country during the past two decades, and have become the lasting foundation of the country for generations to come. So have the economy of the country and the wellbeing of the people, despite the formidable obstacles and hardships that the nation has been facing over the past years.

Education, including higher education, made great advances. Illiteracy has been wiped out, including in remote regions of the country.

The country has also been giving sanctuary and shelter to millions of refugees fleeing their homeland in search for safety and security. The benevolent policy to open up the doors of the country to refugees at a time when the country still had dire difficulties and challenges has become one of the hallmarks of the Hashemite dynasty.

Despite the meagre resources of the country, the King did not shy away from upholding the noble Hashemite Custodianship over the holy Islamic and Christian sites in East Jerusalem; something that made the steadfastness and resilience of the Palestinians against repeated Israeli designs much more strong and enduring.

The recent Mecca Arab and Islamic summits have given expression to this outstanding role. The Palestinian cause has been, as always, at the heart of the country’s policies. The King’s unwavering commitment to the two-state solution to the Palestinian crisis remains the bedrock of Jordan’s policy on a fair and just resolution to the Palestinian case.

The future of Jordan looks brighter than ever, thanks to the King’s rule ever since 1999. For all these bright and promising features of the King’s glorious rule during the past decades, the country salutes His Majesty King Abdullah and wishes him continued good health and success in all his endeavours on behalf of his people and the Kingdom.

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