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‘No grey area’ in fight against terrorism

Oct 21,2014 - Last updated at Oct 21,2014

There is simply “no grey area” when it comes to the fight against terrorism, His Majesty King Abdullah told deputies at a time the world is coming to this same conclusion following the stunning advances of the Islamic State in the region.

During a meeting with MPs belonging to the Democratic Gathering Bloc on Monday, the Monarch reiterated the only choices countries have in the confrontation between reason and extremism.

“All should realise that we must take a side in the confrontation between the moderate and extremist approaches. All world countries are in a state of war between moderation and extremism,” said the King, who also warned that there is a civil war within Islam, “but as Arabs and Muslims, we, unfortunately, have not realised how serious the situation is”.

Nations of the world must indeed take a stand on the present conflict pitting moderates against extremists, as history will not judge lightly those who stand on the sidelines at this decisive moment.

Jordan’s participation in the international coalition against the so-called Islamic State, “aims at protecting the national interests and security”, as the King said and as all sensible Jordanians know.

As such, all citizens, lawmakers and otherwise, need to give serious thought to the regional situation where religious extremists are fighting against moderate Muslims in order to subjugate them to their archaic, anachronistic interpretation of religion that wants to instate slavery and tyranny as a form of life.

The struggle must be won, not only for the sake of the security and stability of the countries of the area, but also in defence of the one and only true Islam, the religion of truth, compassion and brotherly love.

The Jordanians’ role in this struggle is vital.

Raising awareness about the dangers that loom on the horizon and the citizens’ contribution to winning this war is the duty of all sectors of society, but especially of the lawmakers’.

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