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No real surprises expected

Oct 13,2018 - Last updated at Oct 13,2018

The long awaited reshuffle of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz's Cabinet has finally happened but brought few surprises to suggest that the government is about to change course on any major national policy.

Come to think of it, no real surprises were expected anyway. The number of ministers remained about the same and none of the new faces represent a new course for the government on the vexing issue of taxation, that has remained at a standstill for a longer period of time.

Yet, the mere conducting of a reshuffle means that the prime minister is testing new waters on the performance of his national policies, given the fact that when it comes to regional and international matters no one expected any change.

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, now an old hand at foreign affairs, retained his position in the government and, by so doing, sent a clear message that Jordan's relations with the outside world do not change on a seasonal basis. When it comes to local matters, the retention of Deputy Prime Minister Rajai Muasher in his post also suggests that there will be no change in fundamentals when it comes to the new tax law.

The tax problem remains the number one national subject on the minds of the people and if they had expected a new perspective on it from the new government, they are in for a big surprise. So why the reshuffle? It could be only the wish of the prime minister to have people on his team with whom he can govern better. In that case, Prime Minister Razzaz has, indeed, succeeded in assembling a reshuffled Cabinet that is more harmonious with his tunes.

Most probably, there will be other reshuffles along the way. It also means Prime Minister Razzaz will remain the prime minister of Jordan for much longer.

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