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Nothing to fear

Jun 19,2014 - Last updated at Jun 19,2014

His Majesty King Abdullah, who presided over a Cabinet meeting Wednesday, reinforced the fact that the nation is “fine and strong”, and has nothing to fear from regional developments.

Sensing the growing anxiety stirred by the recent militant insurgency in Iraq, led by the radical Islamist faction calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and the more than three years of civil war in neighbouring Syria, where extremist groups are also making inroads, His Majesty wishes to reassure the citizens that Jordan is vigilant and well prepared for any eventuality.

“I want all Jordanians to rest assured that their country is strong enough and has taken all the precautions to defend its people, borders and territories,” the King told the Cabinet ministers, adding that “we in Jordan are safe and in a very strong position”.

With Iraq on the brink of an all-out sectarian war, between Shiites and Sunnis, and its territorial integrity threatened, and with the nasty turn of events there and in Syria, many Jordanians are concerned that the fighting may spill over into Jordan.

Still, Jordanians also know that their leadership, and their unity and steadfastness are critical factors in the defence of the country.

For, no matter how strong and effective the military and security preparedness is, without the support of citizens, a country’s safety cannot be fully preserved.

The King tackled other national issues as well, like the impending Ramadan, on the occasion of which the Monarch called on the government to ensure an abundance of foodstuffs at affordable prices, and respect for the rule of law, most important to maintaining safety and security in any civilised country.

“Enforcing the law has been the basic demand I have been hearing from citizens during my visits to their regions over the past six months,” said the King.

There has indeed been a wave of outlaw activities in the country lately, whether on university campuses or among individuals, and this makes the issue of security a top priority for the people.

Alongside maintaining security, there is also need for quality public services, cautioned the King, as people expect such services in a 21st century country.

Jordanians have a lot to be thankful for, and in a region plagued by sectarian warfare, death and destruction, they appreciate the fact that the Kingdom is an oasis of peace and stability.

But this is not a given gifted to us. It is the result of hard work, preparation, giving and belonging to the country.

As long as we continue on this path, there is really nothing to fear.

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