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Palestinians also have their own surprises

Apr 11,2019 - Last updated at Apr 11,2019

So, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has effectively won the elections in Israel, and is now poised to form the next government with the aid and support of the ultra-religious and rightist parties.

This came as a bit of surprise to many Israelis and Arabs alike, as the odds were heavily stacked against him to win the elections after multiple charges of corruption against him were expected to weaken his popularity and electability among Israelis.

President Donald Trump was overjoyed by the results of the Israeli elections to the extent that he did not even wait until Air Force One had landed in Texas to call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his reelection. What added insult to injury is Trump’s description of this win by Netanyahu as a boost to the “peace process”.

On balance though, at the end of the day, it would have made little difference who won the elections in Israel, as the Palestinians have experienced dismay and frustration with Israeli leadership from both ends of the political spectrum no matter who was at the helm in Israel in the past years, especially ever since 1967.

Now the Palestinians, together with the Arab side, know for sure what to expect from Israel over the next few years to plan and act accordingly. Pinning hopes on one Israeli political party or another is an illusion that has proved false over the past decades.

Now that Netanyahu has reasserted himself as the next leader of Israel, the finishing touches on the outline of the so-called “deal of the century” would be completed. The Palestinians know by now where President Trump stands on their conflict, having sided with Israel 100 per cent on Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Trump and Netanyahu aim to finish off the Palestinian issue once and for all according to their specifications. But they are in for a big surprise. Neither the Palestinians, nor the Arab world, are so naive or gullible to let Trump and Netanyahu get away with their designs on Palestine.

The Palestinians can have also their own surprises to play out in due course to frustrate the deal of the century.

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