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The personal touch of the King

Feb 19,2019 - Last updated at Feb 19,2019

His Majesty King Abdullah’s visiting of various regions of the country is a direct intervention in the promotion and protection of Jordanians’ own peculiar economic and social developments.

The personal touch of the King in the welfare and progress of different regions of the country should make a big difference in their development and progress. To be sure, the government is also concerned about the high rate of poverty and high unemployment in remote areas in the country, and perhaps above all, their direct involvement in the overall development of the country. However, the personal touch of the King in this process should make a big difference.

It is a well-known fact that some areas of the country are left behind in the national effort to speed up the recovery of the country from stagnation, especially when it is accompanied by runaway inflation. By visiting them, King Abdullah has set the tone to various ministers to follow up on his example, by personally making frequent field visits to various regions of the country and adopting and implementing specific plans to address the peculiar situations of these areas.

By and large, many regions call for better healthcare facilities, improved educational systems, including the availability of university education and, of course, improved economic conditions. This means that the government must be prepared to invest more in depressed areas of the country to encourage their commitment to their own districts.

Amman has grown to an unprecedented size due to mass migration from rural areas to urban centres. This migration cannot continue, and the best way to reverse the tide is to promote underprivileged areas of the country economically by changing them from underdeveloped regions into developing areas.

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