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Steering the nation

Nov 12,2019 - Last updated at Nov 12,2019

His Majesty King Abdullah’s Speech from the Throne, delivered at the opening of the fourth ordinary session of the 18th Parliament on Sunday, was clear and to the point, effectively charting the path of the Kingdom for the coming period and delineating top national priorities.

The King made it clear that the concerns of Jordanians top his priorities. He said: “In response to many questions, I say, I know and feel with every one of my dear, fellow Jordanians. Every one of you has a family to provide for, and I am responsible for an entire nation.”

In the speech, King Abdullah tackled reforms and challenges Jordan is facing, touching on various issues of concern to the Jordanian people, especially the economy.

However, and in spite of all the challenges surrounding the country, His Majesty stressed that Jordan is steadily and firmly moving forward. Reassuring citizens, King Abdullah said that the most difficult reforms are behind the country, and that the promising future lies ahead. “We are marching confidently towards that future to realise the aspirations of the people of this nation,” the King said in his speech.

The King said that the government will announce detailed packages, including a review of regulations and legislation related to taxes and customs, in order to facilitate business and reduce the burden on citizens. The King also highlighted the government’s plans aimed at reviewing salaries and wages, stimulating the economy and incentivising investments, improving the quality of services provided to citizens and administrative reform and public finance.

In his address, the King directed the government to “work vigorously and efficiently to take further bold measures to advance the national economy”.

To realise the desired future and achieve these objectives, however, all are needed to work together. 

Building the future that Jordan and Jordanians deserve and strive for is not the sole responsibility of one entity. It is a collective and participatory effort that requires all to rise up to the challenges, and citizens, as a whole, should line up behind their leadership to overcome the challenges and move forward towards the better future that they deserve.


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